Monday, June 06, 2005

Vic's Nap Time

Taking a nap at work is something most of us do sometimes, stealing time from work when we shouldn't and while other are either hard at work or doing the same thing. Well currently at MCC you can possibly just take a nap so easily. Once caught you either sign extra (meaning doing extra duties beside the regular duties you have for the month) or u will get screw by General Queen Bee (Maam Ng) and no you dont want that to happen because it will be real ugly. Imagine a colleague of mine sign extra for something he wasnt taught on or should he even know how to cause basically he was jus filling in, covering another colleague for a moment. Just because he doesnt know how to change the address on a pre-ens sticker not that he dont wanna change it or even refuse too yet still one legitimate off was burn off.

Thats the problem with working in the Army and being NSFs; they take advantage of you totally and abuse you. Well some of us make use of special skill, take this for example.... a colleague of mine took a ridiculous nap during work during null period. Even though Im consider one of the senior among the NSFs, this colleague of mine was my junior yet still he has special powers and skill to stay hidden and yet get a good nap out of it all. You just got to respect his talent and skills in napping

Honestly, how can he even nap almost close to 45 min in that position?

Another candid shot of his talent at work ! Cheers Vicky ~!


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Blogger liwei said...

wat the fuck sia
victor is the man!

9:24 PM


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