Sunday, June 19, 2005

James Monkey Stance

Honestly, I have no idea why I post this GIF of my friend James. On Friday, I went out with 4 of my Nsf's friends, all of us work at MCC. Before end of the day at MCC, James wanted to work out and ask for my supervision hahaa… true enough, he did need motivation from me in gym, therefore we did a lot bicep curls. After work, 4 of them decided to have dinner together so I just came along as I had other plan later that night.

We had dinner under Sim Lim Sq and after that I notice something about James, literally his whole hands is bend and he's walking like some kind of weird monkey stance. So this is a clip of James showing his bend arms, this is what happen when you don't stretch before and after gym and this is what happen if you're doing the "JAMES".

James doing the "JAMES"


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