Sunday, June 19, 2005

Cult like activities in MCC

Carrom, I think its some type of satanic game, seriously its becoming more and more addictive among my colleagues. People are stealing time from work, skipping lunch and sometimes even staying back after work just to play Carrom. It possesses some of us, even during our nap time, still we are unrest from Carrom. Its becoming more and more lucrative game during working hours.

For example I caught this rare sight of a colleague of mine who was napping, you can see even in his dream he's being possesses with both of his arms moving and his body fidgeting uncontrollably. Notice the finger crossing on both hands; sure enough he's the Grand Master among all of us without a doubt.

[Some confession by Li Wei about Carrom and Sick Bed, Slumber Land]

Strangely, after he woke up he had no recollection of any dream of Carrom or any of the movement he made with his finger but he did told me in a seductive tone, " Eh let play Carrom, faster leh ? " I could see the strange possession on his facial expression, both showing desperation of playing Carrom and losing another game to me.

I think the only cure of this Cult like activities in MCC is, ORD LOH~ !!!


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