Friday, June 24, 2005

Coffee Mix, Danial's Style

Previously on the 15th of June, was my CO last day in MCC therefore dinner was arrange for all of us at Furama Hotel. The restaurant name was Kitamina or something; some lame Indonesian buffet which more likely was something you can even get outside at any local hawker centre.

Anyway, there was a short prize giving which to show much of our gratitude for our CO giving us so much offs ' : ) , and after that all of us feast on the local cuisine.

The best part of dinner was when my colleagues gave some vodka to the DO and he turn the whole place red, literally glowing red. Guess he can't hold his liquor I presume.

Another one was the satisfaction of drugging another colleague with Gado-gado gravy :o ) . Nothing toxic but who drinks coffee mix with some kinda gravy without realizing anything, luckily it wasn't Curry gravy hmmm might be nicer perhaps. Anyway cheers Dr D.

Simply so good looking my Evil SMile.


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