Friday, June 24, 2005

Coffee Mix, Danial's Style

Previously on the 15th of June, was my CO last day in MCC therefore dinner was arrange for all of us at Furama Hotel. The restaurant name was Kitamina or something; some lame Indonesian buffet which more likely was something you can even get outside at any local hawker centre.

Anyway, there was a short prize giving which to show much of our gratitude for our CO giving us so much offs ' : ) , and after that all of us feast on the local cuisine.

The best part of dinner was when my colleagues gave some vodka to the DO and he turn the whole place red, literally glowing red. Guess he can't hold his liquor I presume.

Another one was the satisfaction of drugging another colleague with Gado-gado gravy :o ) . Nothing toxic but who drinks coffee mix with some kinda gravy without realizing anything, luckily it wasn't Curry gravy hmmm might be nicer perhaps. Anyway cheers Dr D.

Simply so good looking my Evil SMile.

Sunday, June 19, 2005

James Monkey Stance

Honestly, I have no idea why I post this GIF of my friend James. On Friday, I went out with 4 of my Nsf's friends, all of us work at MCC. Before end of the day at MCC, James wanted to work out and ask for my supervision hahaa… true enough, he did need motivation from me in gym, therefore we did a lot bicep curls. After work, 4 of them decided to have dinner together so I just came along as I had other plan later that night.

We had dinner under Sim Lim Sq and after that I notice something about James, literally his whole hands is bend and he's walking like some kind of weird monkey stance. So this is a clip of James showing his bend arms, this is what happen when you don't stretch before and after gym and this is what happen if you're doing the "JAMES".

James doing the "JAMES"

Cult like activities in MCC

Carrom, I think its some type of satanic game, seriously its becoming more and more addictive among my colleagues. People are stealing time from work, skipping lunch and sometimes even staying back after work just to play Carrom. It possesses some of us, even during our nap time, still we are unrest from Carrom. Its becoming more and more lucrative game during working hours.

For example I caught this rare sight of a colleague of mine who was napping, you can see even in his dream he's being possesses with both of his arms moving and his body fidgeting uncontrollably. Notice the finger crossing on both hands; sure enough he's the Grand Master among all of us without a doubt.

[Some confession by Li Wei about Carrom and Sick Bed, Slumber Land]

Strangely, after he woke up he had no recollection of any dream of Carrom or any of the movement he made with his finger but he did told me in a seductive tone, " Eh let play Carrom, faster leh ? " I could see the strange possession on his facial expression, both showing desperation of playing Carrom and losing another game to me.

I think the only cure of this Cult like activities in MCC is, ORD LOH~ !!!

Monday, June 06, 2005

Vic's Nap Time

Taking a nap at work is something most of us do sometimes, stealing time from work when we shouldn't and while other are either hard at work or doing the same thing. Well currently at MCC you can possibly just take a nap so easily. Once caught you either sign extra (meaning doing extra duties beside the regular duties you have for the month) or u will get screw by General Queen Bee (Maam Ng) and no you dont want that to happen because it will be real ugly. Imagine a colleague of mine sign extra for something he wasnt taught on or should he even know how to cause basically he was jus filling in, covering another colleague for a moment. Just because he doesnt know how to change the address on a pre-ens sticker not that he dont wanna change it or even refuse too yet still one legitimate off was burn off.

Thats the problem with working in the Army and being NSFs; they take advantage of you totally and abuse you. Well some of us make use of special skill, take this for example.... a colleague of mine took a ridiculous nap during work during null period. Even though Im consider one of the senior among the NSFs, this colleague of mine was my junior yet still he has special powers and skill to stay hidden and yet get a good nap out of it all. You just got to respect his talent and skills in napping

Honestly, how can he even nap almost close to 45 min in that position?

Another candid shot of his talent at work ! Cheers Vicky ~!

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

THUMB's DOWN from NOW on !

Having an IC can sometimes be a frustrating and annoying most of the time especially when the IC is an old man called thumb. I just have to tolerate all of his nagging and stupid behavior. Today he really made me piss; the whole ordeal starts when I direct one preen into the laboratory to draw blood for his blood group. My exact sentence was okay, now go into the room and there will be an old man to draw your blood , and guess what the old man became so stupid and over sensitive and the best part he want to complain about me to my 2IC.... Whoah~ is that a threat?

My over sensitive ic is like 40 plus in age and I think that qualifies him as an old man. I waited when the crowd of pre en finishes I then shouted to him in the room.. I was so piss, what wrong calling him an old man...? He said its name calling? Huh? What does he think of himself? 20plus? Cant even speak proper English and stammer in every of his sentence. His hair is like so gray. He says its a misunderstanding.... He even says he dun like people call him "uncle" and refuses anyone calling him that. I really dun get this old man.... For that he wanted to complain and one me to sign for it? This is the problem with DXOs, they are assholes. Thank god I did put some sense into him when I shouted at him. For all the things I had done and covered his ass for him, this is how he repays my gratitude. This is what happen when u pity an old man and help him and he turn against you.
No more Mr. Nice guy (sharpen my knives before my back starts bleeding)