Friday, May 27, 2005


Few days back, me and ma colleagues in army were blessed, not having much work to do therefore we went into the Mess Room for a game of Carrom. All of us weren't prepare what was coming later. A fren of mine start putting the carrom seeds in place, kinda similar to pool, the seed were place centre of the board instead. 4 Players in all, Me(P.O.D), Li Soon(Tree God), MIchael(New Guy) and Li Wei(Himalayas Master Carrom).

Before we could even start, someone has to pot the seed in the hole to see who starts first, to my surprise Li Wei was prepare to show why he is called "HIMALAYAS MASTER", He told me once before that he had went to Himalayas few years back before serving his NS and trained there for 3 years to perfect his carrom skill. At first i thought it was bullshit... just another one of his crappy jokes but what im going to see was going to change all that, instead of the nomal striker we use, hes was different... check out how he break the seeds with his own Himalayas ways.


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