Monday, May 23, 2005

Finally Moi Blogspot is WORKIN~

Had been months since i wrote anything in my blog, reason to be wasnt really my fault but it was Blogspot's. I dunno what happen but i just cant login in my account... i thought at first it was my browser (Firefox) but i did tried on IE but still same shyt it gave me. Simple emailed Blogspot and finally im back blogging even though ive not been good at blogging anyway.

Anyway look on the brightside i change my template and modifed it tooo, looks hmm, i find it neater and nicer from the previous one. It may~ be a template by Blogspot but i really think its one great, neat template to use and kinda captivating despite being common or alot of blog user using it. Let see where from here i will continue blogging.

Before i log off i just wanna publish this photoshot taken by me and edited by me too using photoshot. I really just love the simple blue it has and how the angle of all the window looks. Hope anyone appreciates it as much i do cos recently im really into photography, think its superbly cool and just simple great hobbie to have. Been fondling with my Canon A95 trying hard to get that special shot. Guess it truth what they say.... a picture says a thousand words... hopefully mine will.

u can see some my other photoshots at my photoblog


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